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Is this consider invasion of privacy?

Costa Mesa, CA |

a girl took some picture of her with her friend in front of the restroom mirror pose with her friend (with clothes on) and she post those picture on facebook and for some reason i think its hot so i decide to copy it and reupload it on my secondary facebook that have no personal info on it just for fun, i didnt use it for commercial or to make any money. im not sure if it consider invasion of privacy because she took the pic and post on facebook i didnt take it or peeping tom or anything.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. This would not be considered an invasion of privacy.

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  2. There you go again with the public confessions.

    Your compulsion to confess to marginal stuff here on Avvo just to cause attorneys to pay attention to you with assurances that you don't have a bad legal problem is really out of control. As I have urged you previously many times: get to a qualified and skilled psychotherapist. Now! You need assistance in living with your self.

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  3. If the photo is copyrighted or trademarked, you could be subject to a lawsuit for infringement. But what you describe is not a criminal act.