Is this big company allowing unauthorized access to shareholders voting? In a deceased persons name-stock/pension confusion Help

Asked almost 2 years ago - Tracy, CA

My aunt worked for a company for 18 yrs and whose stocks (I see on NASDAQ). She passed away 19 yrs ago. Her will left everything to me, so my attorney (deceased) got me her pension, last paycheck, life insurance and stocks from the company. I sold the stocks soon after. The company said her affairs were now closed. After 19 yrs she continues to get mail, in her name, from the company, as if she were still alive (all dated after death to present). All mails consistently arrived & some mail comes yearly. She gets updated retirement & savings account plan statements. They say she has a annual benefit from a pre-1990’s pension plan, and it shows other pension that’s dollar amount grows yearly. She gets mail regarding an investment portfolio, mail about her 401(k), and sent PIN for the account. Yearly she gets documents for company shareholder meeting and voting. On them it says “you’re receiving this because you own stocks in the above named company, vote your shares”. There’s a control number and when I key it in, it actually logs me into the internet voting site. I do nothing and log out. I would think since I sold her shares and she’s deceased, access shouldn’t be allowed. I’ve contacted corporate headquarters, corporate benefits, HR and their stock transfer agent multiple times and each time they all seem angry and all tell me the same thing… she positively has nothing left, everything was closed out. How does this happen for 19 yrs. Shouldn’t they notice that something with a dollar amount grows yearly and wonder where its going? Shouldn’t each share of stock be accounted for? Wouldn’t the IRS see anything? Is SSN #still being used? If anything belongs to her I want it because she worked hard for what she had and I could use the funds because I have a lot of health problems. If something’s hers, How would I go about getting it? If I need an attorney what kind would I need? Is there someone I should contact or notify? Isn’t it wrong to the other shareholders that company has allowed me to access the voting? Please help I have no clue what’s going on.

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  1. Answered . You would need a corporate attorney to resolve this matter. Seek a consult and present your documents for review and interpretation.

    Good luck!
    Phillip M. Smith Jr.
    Los Angeles Tax & Business Attorney
    Licensed in the United States Tax Court

    THESE COMMENTS ARE NOT LEGAL ADVICE. They are provided for informational purposes only. Actual legal advice can... more

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