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Is this a contempt of court issue or do we need to request mediation?

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My husband has 3 boys with a woman who he never was married to. In 2012 they filed a stipulation that says joint physical care joint custody, but he had to agree to pay child support still 710/month. In this stipulation it says all unpaid medical expenses were to be spilt 50/50, so far we have only gotten money for the first couple months of the year, she says she has no money to help pay, we are well into over $200 needed from her. Another issue that just came up is she is moving 14 miles from where she lives now. In the stipulation it says they will reside close enough to make this joint physicalcare work and that neither will move the kids out of their current school district without consent of other parent. We live in a different town already so this would make the boys be evenfurther.

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  1. Family law is by nature fact intensive, and no attorney can give you legal advice without a full apprisal of the factual situation. Second, your question does not make sense because contempt and mediation aren't mutually exclusive. It depends on what your decree says. In Polk County, for example, the judges are now requiring that all Decrees include language that the parties will mediate before filing any contempt charges.

    You can reach our offices directly at (515) 288-6041. The comments listed here are of a general nature and should not be understood to create a formal attorney-client relationship -- that is, I am not, and I cannot give you legal advice here. I am licensed in Iowa and to become your attorney, I need to understand the particular facts and circumstances of your legal question.

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