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Is there such a thing as a "look alike company"??

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A friend of mine recently started a business hosting character events. However the characters look remarkably similar to Disney and Nickelodeon characters. After I told him he's likely to get at the very least a cease and desist letter, he told me that he's running a "look alike" company and because his characters are look alikes and that he doesn't claim them to be a certain character such as Mickey, that it's all ok and legal. He went on to say that there are certain rules that look alike companies must follow.

Is there even such as thing as a look alike company? What is likely to happen to my friends business?

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Q: "Is there even such as thing as a look alike company?'
R: No.

Q: "What is likely to happen to my friends business?"
R: It will be sued for copyright infringement, trademark infringement and unfair competition. And it will lose.

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There is no “look alike company” exception to basic intellectual property laws. If a character looks like Mickey Mouse (a copyrighted character), then it infringes Disney’s copyright. It doesn’t matter whether your friend names the character “Ripoff the Mouse-who-isn’t-Mickey”. Similarly with trademarks (as these characters are also registered trademarks of the companies). Your friend’s company will be sued and shut down.

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Disney characters are both trademark and copyright, although the copyright will soon expire, the trademark right will not.
Look alike may or many not be infringement, that only an Intellectual Property attorney examining the evidence can tell you. In principle if in your eyes it is an obvious copy or like copy, then it will be most likely an infringement. Disney the definitely the wrong party to mess with and changing the name of the character will not suffice.

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