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Is there legal redress when accusations have been made against you in a letter that is cc: to an attorney?

Prattville, AL |

I am a self employed caregiver and just received written correspondence from the eldest daughter of a former client demanding I not contact her 89 year old mother again. She has cc: the letter to a younger sibling (who is in total disagreement with sister regarding this matter) and an attorney. In the letter the daughter again made false accusations, insinuated I had gone through her mothers personal finances, and attacked my character in various other ways. She has also slandered me to several people stating I had demanded something entirely false. Her mothers health has deteriorated significantly since my termination. If she actually sent a copy to an attorney, can and should I respond to it? And, isn't it elder abuse to deny true friendships? I don't want my job back, for the record.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. What are you after? Your goal?

    You don't want the job, so move on.

    Defamation is very specific and you need more than this to proceed.