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Is there anyway to get a felony off your record without waiting the 7-10 years or get it reduced to a misdermeanor

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My son got a drug felony (think it was a 4th dergree felony) . No jail time 3 years probation in 2009. This was his first and only offense. Since the sentence he never missed a probation appt had numerous drug test which were all negative for drugs. He not only has been a model citizen he went back to college and is a senior about to graduate with a degree that will give him so many wonderful job opportunities. My fear is he will not be able to get employment because of this one mistake. He is such a wonderful, hardworking ,and caring person that really deserves a 2nd chance. He is 28 years old now

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If, for example, a person enters into a plea agreement for a deferred judgment and sentence requiring 3 years probation after which the felony case is to be dismissed, and he completes all of his probation requirements, then the case should be dismissed and there will be no conviction on his record. Otherwise, the answer is "no." An adult felony conviction remains in the criminal justice records for the rest of one's life. It cannot be reduced, sealed or expunged. Unfortunately, even after the legal penalty has been paid, punishment can seem to last a lifetime.

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It sounds like it was a conviction with the probation. So, there is no way out of waiting the time period. There is also a serious question as to whether a class 4 felony conviction in CO can be sealed. I just got one sealed in Adams County and the DA is appealing the Judge's decision to the CO Court of Appeals. So, we should know relatively soon.

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