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Is there anyway or person to contact to speed up the process of pardon?

Norristown, PA |

About 1 year ago, I filed for pardon application with state of PA for level 3 felony charge for theft unlawful use of computer 12 years ago. about 3 years ago I got tired of living purposeless life and got my acts to gather. I will soon graduate with perfect 4.0 GPA and many employers are offering me jobs but upon background check denies me employment. Is there anybody in PA board of Pardon who I can contact to speed up this process which I am told takes 3 to 4 years to get the hearing.

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Who ever it was that told you that it takes 3 to4 years to get the hearing on a pardon was providing you with accurate information. Attempting to make contact with a board member will not help and would be ill advised.


I would suggest that you contact the Board of Pardons. The first step in the process after the application was filed is for them to assign the case to a State parole officer who then is to conduct an investigation of you. These investigations are at the bottom of the pile of things to do for a parole agent. If you can find out the name of the parole agent, you might be able to speak with him or her and let them know that you will make yourself available at any time he wants to meet with you (make his job as easy as possible). You can explain to him how the delay is effecting your life (he may take pity on you and move his investigation of you up on the list of things to do). My experience (one pardon for a client) is that once the investigation is complete, it does not take too long for the Board to decide whether to grant a hearing. (in my case, which was a while ago, it took more like two years. It might be worthwhile to get an attorney involved.


Mr. Holbrook is entirely correct. The pardon process is very lengthy and there is not anyone associated with the decision making process that you can or should contact. Having counsel assisting you would be a beneficial step to take. The pardon process is not only long, it's chances of success are statistically low, especially if it is being done on your own.

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