Is there anyway I can get this fixed faster and if not can I leave to go home in Canada and come back for the court date?

I am from Canada and got a citation in the US for unlicensed driver (misdemeanor, which i will fight because my license is valid) and unsafe backing (which i plan to plead guilty). I've been in California for 3 months for an unpaid internship and my license is valid because I am a visitor (VC 12502) and am not a resident (VC 12505). I had a court date yesterday (Apr 29/2013) but when I got there it wasn't in the system and after a long time they finally told me that I was sent a letter (which I never got) saying I don't have to appear until June 18th. Is there anyway I can get this fixed before that and if not can I go home to Canada and come back for the date? Thanks!

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Christopher William Zander

Christopher William Zander

Criminal Defense Attorney - Newport Beach, CA

Unfortunately, you will not be able to expedite the hearing date. Yes, you can to to Canada and come back for the hearing date. Otherwise you can hire a private attorney to appear on your behalf and stay in Canada. Attorney's can appear in court under Penal Code 977(a) and the defendant does not have to be present.
If you would like us to appear 977(a) on your behalf please contact the office. Reasonable rates and payment plans.

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