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Is there ANYTHING POSSIBLE that I can do to help prevent my boyfriend from going to jail on his upcoming court date?

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I recently called the police on my boyfriend and now he is being charged with Cdv and have to appear in court coming up. I want to know is there ANYTHING POSSIBLE that I can do to help prevent him from going to jail behind all this and we're still together and talking?????

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As the victim, you hae a right to be notified and attend all hearings. If he pleads guilty, you have a right to talk to the court and you can tel the judge you do not want him to go to jail. The Judge does not have to sentence him in accordance with your wishes, but should at least consier your wishes. YOur boyfriend may want to retain the srvices of an attorney. There are alternatives to pelading gulty that he should explore.

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Go to the magistrates office and fill out a victims desire not to prosecute form and see if the case will be dropped. If the prosecution does not drop it then follow the advice that was previously given. If this is a magistrates court level case, then usually payment of a fine will keep him from going to jail if he is found guilty.

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