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Is there anything I can do to stop this VP from harassing me and save my job?

Chicago, IL |

I managed to "tick off" the boss of my boss, and he responded with a FINAL WRITTEN WARNING that if I made one mistake ever again that I would be fired, that I was not allowed to ask my colleagues for help, and that I would have an "Open-ended" plan to correct all my deficiencies. What did I do to upset him? I asked for a laptop computer so that I could work from home on snow days as EVERY YOUNGER MEMBER OF THE TEAM has. I am a 57 yr old woman, and I just want to work and be left alone. I can't work with this Sword of Damocles hanging over my head! I am seeing the doctor this afternoon for panic and anxiety attacks caused by this man. Is there anything legally I can do to get this man (the boss of my boss) out of my life and save this job that I LOVE. I have been there one year March 1. I t

I have a copy of a very inappropriate memo from this VP that suggests I color a report in 50 Shades of Grey and in the memo he admits that he inadvertently "crossed the line". Maybe that's why he's harassing me?

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You have the beginnings of an age/sex discrimination case. However, there is simply not enough facts stated for any kind of reasoned opinion be made. There are a lot of great employment attorneys in Chicagoland. And I suggest you contact one as soon as is possible.

If you found this Answer to be helpful, please mark it as such. Remember, however, this is only generalized commentary on your question. It is not to be taken as legal advice. Even "in person" interviews leave attorneys with plenty of questions – the Internet makes it crazy. Thank you Chuck Watson 217.544.6165


You have a discrimination case if you are being discriminated against because you are in a protected class, such as being over 40 years old. However, you stated that you "tick off" this person. That is an acceptable reason to terminate you. In Illinois you need one of three reasons to be terminated: a good reason, no reason or a bad reason. The ticked off would be a bad reason, which is acceptable. I would contact someone that handles discrimination cases.

I offer free consultation, and typically handle the cases on a contingency basis. However, I only take serious cases, as my settlements tend to be 6 figures. Please feel free to contact me to discuss if you have a serious discrimination matter.

Jeff Jacobson 331-222-9529


Somehow I suspect there is more to this story. A simple request would not have generated the rage that you describe. Illinois is an at will employment state. An employer can hire or fire for any reason, no reason or even a bad reason. Unless you are a union member or were discriminated against because of your membership in a protected class such as race, religion, etc., you are probably out of luck. You are at risk. Start looking for another job that you could love just as much.

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