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Is there anything I can do to stop a wage garnishment besides filing bankrupcy?

Muskegon, MI |

I have a wage garnishment against me for a car that was repossessed, they are taking approximately $400 every two weeks ( I owe a little over $5,000), and also one for a medical bill, but thats only $450. Is there anything I can do to maybe lower the amount garnished, I really don't know much about bankrupcy but I would only want to do that as a last resort. Is this something I even need legal help for, or am I just stuck paying $800-$900 a month ?

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You absolutely can help yourself out here. Go online or go to the courthouse and get a Petition for Installment Payments. You fill out a checklist of your monthly income and expenses to calculate your disposable income and request the court to permit you to make monthly payments to the Plaintiff based on your ability to pay. Once approved, the Plaintiff is forbidden to do any more garnishments AS LONG AS YOU MAKE PUNCTUAL PAYMENTS. Even if you default the Plaintiff would have to file a motion to set aside the Installment Payment Order. Caution: this arrangement only stops WAGE garnishments not garnishment of your bank account or mich income tax refund

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