Is there anything i can do to help my girlfriends case so that we may still be together even tho i'm a sex offender.

Asked about 2 years ago - East Liverpool, OH

My girlfriend and i had been together for almost two years. Her ex husband decided he wanted to use my past as a sex offender to get out paying child support, hes asking for custody of one child which is his 15 year old daughter and doesn't care about the son who is 9. I was convicted 7 years ago of "attempted voyeurism" and "public indecency". We have split up for the time being so her odds of keeping her kids are much better. but we do wanna have a life together and have our own family. Is there anything i can do or any kind of certificate i can get or just anything that proves i'm not a threat. That may possibly help us be together without him taking her kids? He is the kind of dad that is never around and when we is hes very verbally abusive to and also a drug addict. Any advice please

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    Answered . You didn't mention this fact in your question, but it is very important. And that is, when was your girlfriend's custody-child support order granted? If it was within the last two years, during the time you were with her, then the issue of your prior convictions is res judicata (i.e., already litigated or should have been litigated) and not a "change in circumstances."

    Even if your girlfriend's custody order was granted prior to you meeting her, your convictions for "attempted" voyeurism and public indecency, seven years ago, are of marginal if any relevance. Put it this way, I would take on your case. The issue is always best interest of the children, and I'm not reading anything about any harm to your girlfriend's kids.

  2. Answered . If your girlfriend doesn't already have a lawyer she needs to get one. You both should listen to the lawyer's advise. The fact that you have been together for 2 years without an incident is relevant. However there is no magic document you can get to show that you are not a threat. Listen to your wife's attorney and be available if you are needed to testify. Why is he only going feet the 15 year old? Does she want to live with her dad? If she does, the court is likely to weigh her wishes strongly.

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