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Is there anything I can do to get $ back from my mom who used by SS# to steal upwards of $16K from me (found out in 2008)?

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I did not press charges. I had to borrow $ to pay the debt initially, but am stuck paying that second back. Is there anything I can do? I found out she did this in the summer of 2008. She signed a promissory note with me, but has yet to start paying it back. I've been suggested to write it off and talk to an accountant as my only way out. I've called the companies, and since I paid the debt off with borrowed $$, my accounts were closed and at the time it all happened I had called them and they said they would/could do nothing unless I pressed charges against her. I did not. American Express was the only creditor to relieve me of the debt without pressing charges.

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You could possibly sue for breach of contract based upon the promissory note but everything else is well beyond the CA statute of limitations.

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