Is there anything I can do if my company puts me into a dangerous situation that they know about, without informing me?

Asked about 1 year ago - Royersford, PA

I am a home health care provider. I was placed into a dangerous situation without being informed of what could happen. I am wondering if there is anything I can do about this, because we are supposed to be informed about every client and we are given a care plan that is supposed to have everything we need to know. My company was aware of the situation that I was going into, but failed to tell me.

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  1. Gregory S. Shields

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    Answered . Your employer cannot be held liable for any injuries or emotional distress you have suffered. Your sole remedy against them is through a worker's compensation action. You may recover against the individual who caused the dangerous situation, however.

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  2. Stewart C Crawford Jr.


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    Answered . If you are asked to perform a duty that endangers you, you can refuse to do the task. If the company’s acts are illegal you might need to alert the appropriate regulatory agencies including OSHA. Keep in mind, any opposition to the company could be met with retaliation including a challenge to your right to recover unemployment compensation benefits. Before taking any actions, you should meet with an attorney.

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  3. Sandra B. Worthington


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    Answered . You haven't alleged an injury in your inquiry. If you aren't injured you do not need a personal injury lawyer. I agree with Mr. Shields in his advice. Good luck1

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  4. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . If you were injured, you would have a workers comp claim.

  5. Robert Bruce Kopelson


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    Answered . There could be regulatory violations depending upon what caused the danger, and what warnings and supplies/equipment should have been supplied to you because of the situation. Speak to a comp atty and employment law atty.

  6. Michael R Crosner

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    Answered . This question should be directed to a workers' compensation attorney there are many good local ones listed on AVVO under find lawyers.

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  7. David B Sherman


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    Answered . If nothing happened to you, you have no cause of action. However, I would be concerned about the future. I would speak to my employer about this. If you are going to be subjected to unreasonable hazards in the future, you may be able to quit your job and collect unemployment compensation in Pennsylvani), which unfortunately is not a satisfactorily solution. It might also be helpful in assessing your situation to know what potential hazard you were subjected to.

  8. Gladys E. Wiles

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    Answered . Typically you are limited to a worker's compensation claim against your employer. The only exception would be if your employer committed gross negligence in causing your injury. This assumes that you of course were injured in some way because of the employers alleged gross negligence. This, however, is a difficult burden to meet when attempting to circumvent the worker's compensation exclusivity provisions.

    You should contact a worker's compensation attorney to discuss your rights and your case.

    Best of luck.

    Gladys Wiles

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