Is there anything i can do about the situation i left in the details without having the punishment rain down from stealing?

i recently did a sworn statement about me and a coworker stealing from the store. i was told noone would know it was me who said these things. yet my boss told the people i said it because shes mad at me for stealing. she is trying to instigate an incident between us. there has to be something i can do about this.

Laughlin, NV -

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Ryan Alexander

Ryan Alexander

Personal Injury Lawyer - Las Vegas, NV

You had better repent, because the punishment is gonna rain down from on high! ;)

Actually it's amazing you weren't immediately terminated. It doesn't sound like you have a legal case. Pay your employer back, and if it was smaller items, hopefully nothing will happen.

Clark County, Nevada practitioner.
Ross Carl Goodman

Ross Carl Goodman

DUI / DWI Attorney - Las Vegas, NV

The employer is within his rights to do as he chooses with your recent admission of theft. However, given your acceptance of responsiblity, hopefuylly he will not pursue criminal charges.

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