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Is there any way to sue people who made underaged person to drink & drive?

Seattle, WA |

My brother was recently caught with an underage DUI. He had two people who were his bosses at his workplace, who allegedly took him to a bar to drink (while they were fully aware of the fact that he was underaged). They also told him to drive them to and from the bar, when they knew they'd all be drinking. They also told him to bring a borrowed ID so that he could drink with them. The police reported my brother for endangering the passengers for DUI, and those who were in the car with him had nothing reported. Is there a way to sue and file a claim for the two guys who brought him to the bar?

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  1. What are the damages? If he did in fact drink and drive he will still be guilty of the crime. It might be possible to sue for this but how old is he?

  2. Changed this to a "personal injury" question. You might also want to post it im employment law. This question doesn't have anything to do with the criminal defense issue.

  3. It appears your brother needs to accept personal responsibility for his actions in using a false ID to gain entry to a bar, for drinking while he was under the legal age, and for driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Although other lawyers may disagree, it appears you brother has no viable claims for personal injury damages. Best wishes.

  4. It sounds like a difficult situation for your brother, however, I do not see what the viable personal injury claim is. Your brother made the decision to drink underage and then operate a motor vehicle under the influence. That is a criminal offense and he will bear the responsibility for that if found guilty. No one held a gun to his head to do this, though it does sound like his bosses exerted some influence. Also, just assuming he had a viable claim, he might not have too much in the way of damages. Has he hired an attorney for the criminal case? If not, he should certainly do so. Good luck.

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