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Is there any way to get off of the Texas sex offender registry?

Houston, TX |

I was 19 when put on deffered adjudication for ten years, finished succesfully, passed all polygraphs(including offense polygraph). I even have a letter of recomendatuion from my therapist that states that I pose no threat.

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  1. No. It's a sad state to say, it has been proposed but no.

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  2. It depends on the circumstances. There's a very limited scenario where you might be able to get an exemption, basically sort of an extension of the "Romeo and Juliet" defense. If you were no more than four years older than the person you had the sexual contact with, and I think he/she was at least 13 and you no older than 18 at tge time of the offense, with the age difference being the only reason a crime was committed (meaning it was totally consensual except she/he wasn't old enough to legally consent), then you can apply to the court your case was in for an exemption from registration. It's not automatic, it's subject to a hearing, notice to the complainant, etc., but if it's granted, it can not only exempt you from further registration, but also at least potentially make your case subject to an order of nondisclosure, which would seal your case records for most purposes--I would definitely expect a contested hearing, but it's at least a legal possibility if that's the situation you fall into..

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