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Is there any way to fight a ticket for stopping (for a few minutes) in front of a no parking sign on my bicycle?

Fontana, CA |

i stopped to check my mp3 player, and put my other headphone on, and i even got cited for wearing headphones (even though while riding i was only wearing one). it was night, very few cars. i think the cop was taking advantage of me; i'm sure he wasn't concerned about my safety, but was only spiting me for not letting him search my backpack. he even threatened to take me to jail for not passing some kind of alcohol test, but i don't remember what he called it. they didn't use a breathalyzer when i told them to go ahead with it. it's 350 dollars i owe now.

cvc 22502 (a) cvc 21201 (d) (2) cvc 27400

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It never hurts to fight the ticket. Often the officer will not show up and you win. At least by going to court you can request the judge reduce the fine.

It is not clear from your question what section they sited you for.

I recommend that you look at Nolo Press: Fight your ticket and Win in California.

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