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Is there any way that i could get my charges dropped? First off, the cop didnt have a correct reason to search the car..

Greenville, TX |

he never had his lights on and he pulled up behind us at a gas station, while the car was off & the driver of the car was pumping gas. My boyfriend and i were waiting for the driver of the car when the cop came up to the window and started questioning us. He said that he smelt pot. He pulled my boyfriend out of the car & said that he pulled "marijuana residue" off of his lap. Then he pulled my out of the car & said the same thing. He proceeded to search the car and came back with a sack of K2 he had said he found under MY seat. which is COMPLETE crap because i hid my grinder underneath the seat which had no weed in it, and he DIDNT find that! also, i was never read my Miranda Rights. The driver got away w\it bc the officer said "He wasn't in the car, ya'll we're. So i couldn't take him."

The cop A- didnt pull us over, our friend was pumping gas. B- had to have lied about where he found the sack of K2 C- had no proper reason to search us. (he said the car smelled like pot & it didnt, all we had was a grinder on us at the time & apparently K2) how come our friend didnt go to jail? he was driving and it was in HIS car. it wasnt mine or my boyfriends & i know that for a fact. i hate K2. i will never put anything into my body that man has made or modified. i dont even take medicine when i am sick. why am i getting in trouble for what was in HIS car & he got off scotch free from it? did he snitch? & if he did, then its just a he said she said and he actually has a record. mine is completely clean. wouldnt that bring up credibility issues on his part, because he is 17 & has already had a felony on his record.

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  1. You need to speak to an experienced defense attorney IMMEDIATELT; if you can't afford one, ask to have a public defender appointed.. You should NOT post any more facts of this case on this non-confidential website.

  2. Stop trying to play lawyer--you have no idea what you are talking about--for example, police are NOT required to read Miranda rights. Too much TV.

    Stop going online, in a public forum, and describing events and admitting to crimes and making other statements against interest that the authorities could use against you.

    I M M E D I A T E L Y contact a criminal defense attorney. You will NOT be capable of handling this matter properly yourself. Good Luck.

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  3. You need to speak with a Texas attorney ASAP. This is a common hypothetical and its answer depends largely on the State and the Judge and the Prosecutor and the Defense Attorney's skills.

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