Is there ANY way of accesing my husbands accounts that are only in his name?

Asked over 4 years ago - Damascus, OR

Since our marriage in 1992 I have been a mother and housewife with the only source of income a bi-monthly "allowance" he puts in a joint account for me which NOW after he chose to move out and is not NEARLY enough for my children and I to live on. He DOES pay almost all the bills but I feel if I had acsess I get a much better handel on our finances...understand I am not accusing him of wrong doing just in my eyes feels almost abusively controlling as having to "beg" for any more than is given which is ALWAYS the case now especially with the kids growing so fast!

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  1. Daniel S Margolin

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    Answered . If you were to file for a divorce, you would be able to request that the court order your husband to pay obligations and to provide you with temporary spousal support and child support during the proceeding; the support provisions could become permanent at the end of the case. Absent filing for divorce there is nothing you can do to force him to provide you with more funds. This answer should not be taken to suggest that I encourage people to end their marriages, but rather that this is the only legal way to accomplish your goals.

  2. Mark S Guralnick

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    Answered . There's no way to tap into his accounts secretly without running afoul of some state or federal law. However, if your interest arises from a divorce or custody case, you would seem to be able to file a motion, issue a subpoena, or compel disclosures in some other way -- especially if a significant period of time has elapsed since your last court order. I would recommend hiring a local family lawyer for this purpose.
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