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Is there any way my wife can gain citizenship without leaving america?

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my wife entered on a tourist visa with no intention of marrying. we've been talking for a while now so when she flew to the us we decided to meet and i proposed to her, and she said yes, so we got married and now we're trying to make sense of all of this paperwork but its terrifying to both of us because some websites say she may have to go back to her home country (she comes from an abusive home) and we don't want to get separated or for her to get deported or banned from coming back. we are about to send off the i-130 because her visa is about to expire and we're hoping that will mean they wont deport her.. please, any help is greatly appreciated, they make all this so confusing and we don't know what to do.

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She's not eligible for citizenship because she must apply for permanent residence first. If she arrived on a visa, she should not have to depart the U.S. for this process. You should retain an immigration attorney in your area to prepare your adjustment of status package and to represent you during the interview.


You probably mean residence (aka: greencard) and not citizenship ... this is a common mistake.

You need to file more than the I-130.

You really will benefit from meeting with an immigration lawyer, to learn about the process.

Many of us do Skype consultations.

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yes i meant a greencard sorry, we're just scared they may deport her because she entered on a tourists visa, but since that visa is about to expire shouldn't the i-130 be our top priority? i spoke to a USCIS rep on the phone and she said as long as that is pending they can't deport her.. but yes we will definitely have to get a lawyer at least for the peace of mind.. thank you all

F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III


NO ... a pending I-130 all by itself doesn't protect her. You are wise to meet with an attorney ... the people on the CIS phone bank are not lawyers.

Ardian Gjoka

Ardian Gjoka


I agree with Mr. Capriotti and some other colleagues. Ardian Ardian Gjoka, Esq. GJOKA LAW FIRM, PLLC 8613 Old Kings Rd. S. Suite 601D Jacksonville, FL 32217 Phone: 904.351.8749 Fax: 904.800.1102 Email: Web:


Your wife appears eligible for adjustment of status and need not depart the country for consular processing. It is advisable, however, to retain an immigration attorney to handle the process since you might have to deal with a possible inference of preconceived intent at the time of entry.

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First step is Adjustment of Status; however I strongly recommend you retain a qualified immigration Attorney to help you through the application process.

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You should schedule a consult with an attorney and go through your options. In many situations she may obtain her resident status in the US.


If you're a US citizen, she should be able to get her green card without leaving the US. Provided you are still married, she will be eligible to apply for citizenship 3 years after she gets her green card. The process is tedious, and you are justified in feeling intimidated by the amount of paperwork. Your best bet is to hire an immigration attorney to help you put together the Adjustment of Status packet, with all the necessary forms and evidence, and represent you at the interview.

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