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Is there any way i can expedite my citizenship in order to become a military officer?

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My green card predates to 2010 and I'm very interested in becoming a military officer but i can't without being a citizen first. As of now, the only option i can find to expedite my citizenship is by enlisting but i would have to select a military occupational specialty that i do not desire since the career path i desire to follow in the military also requires that i be a citizen. Furthermore, i believe it takes up to 2 years of you performing said specialty to switch occupations (this does not include boot camp and MOS school). I am more than qualified for an officer position in exception to the citizenship requirement and i just want to serve my country, please help.

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  1. The only way to expedite citizenship is to be a current member of the military. So yes you would have to enlist. Many MOS plus basic training only take 14 weeks or so combined, so the two years you mention is not correct. I am in the National Guard and we have people enlist in a non security clearance MOS and then switch in relative time. If it is the price for citizenship and speeds it up by three years or so it is not much of a price.

    I have served in the military for 33 years as an officer and frankly your attitude concerns me. Just having the education or what you perceive as officer qualifications does not make you qualified to be an officer. You are obviously not applying to the Medical Corps or Chaplain Corps because there are exceptions in those two for lack of citizenship.

    There would be nothing wrong with you going to basic and AIT as an enlisted soldier, The good officers know something about being a soldier and don't just think they can be a good officer. IP have seen plenty of officers come and go who thought they had the qualifications to be an officer and failed miserably at it...

    You ought to think about this soon because the Army is the only branch that does not require a security clearance to enlist and that exception may becoming to an end (we'll see how the final rules are written) more quickly than you might imagine.

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  2. There might be. Speak with a military recruiter in your area.

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  3. It is not clear how you obtained your Green Card. If through marriage to a U.S. Citizen, you might already be eligible to apply for Naturalization.

    We have 3 offices over the State of California and an international office in the Philippines. We do 100% Immigration Law, have done nearly 5000 cases and can help you. Should you want an in depth consultation, please schedule one at or call 562-495-0554 or e-mail me directly at

  4. Not sure why you believe you're more than qualified to be an officer or why you believe an exception to the citizenship requirement should be made in your case, but you are correct that you must first be a citizen--enlisting in the army is one option you have.

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  5. I asked that very question in 1978, and I was married to an American.
    Was told there was nothing. There was not the enlistment option then, described a little by Mr. Green.
    I think there is a little something to be said for some enlisted time making for a better officer.
    Officership takes time, experience, and guidance to have.;; 703-298-9562, 800-401-1583. Answering your question does not create an attorney-client relationship.

  6. Once you are eligible to apply for naturalization, usually 3 months before the fifth anniversary of first becoming a permanent resident ( three years if you obtained permanent residence through marriage to a U S citizen) naturalization usually takes only six months in most jurisdictions

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