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Is there any type of abuse taking place here? Or maybe a sleeping arrangement law being broken?

Stratham, NH |

My brother, located in Rochester, NY, just informed me that his children, 10 year old boy, and 13 year old girl, live in their mother's boyfriend's parent's house and are basically restricted to living in the basement. They share the living space together, and that's where they both sleep. Their mother doesn't work and has no way of earning money to better their living situation, so she's playing the game of keeping her children away from her boyfriend's parents, to make sure they stay out of the homeowner's way and not get kicked out of the home. I feel like my niece should have her own room and space, and I also feel like it's cruel to the children to keep them in the basement all the time. Is there anything I can do to help their situation? I feel like there's a law being broken

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You should help your brother retain a family law attorney who can review the whole situation -- prior orders, etc. Not knowing the situation, I certainly cannot say whether there is "abuse" or not, although I will say there are many homes set up with bedrooms in basements and with siblings that have to share rooms because of financial limitations. Since the case arises out of NY, I don't know what the accepted standards there would be, or to whom complaints would be filed.

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I didn't add in that she lives in Stratham, NH, probably important information but I forgot to put that in there.

Anna M. Zimmerman

Anna M. Zimmerman


He needs to speak with an attorney. If the current court orders are out of NY, he should speak with someone there first. If the current orders are out of NH, he should speak with someone here.

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