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Is there any repercussions for someone who keeps making false accusations and getting me arrested with lies ? I need a lawyer

New York, NY |
Filed under: Domestic violence

My son's father and I have been in court battles for the past 5 years since I left him. Overall he was always abusive which is why I left. But after I left things got worst. He started using the system against me eventually having me loose around 2 jobs & getting me arrested twice. He ended up getting a warrant for not paying his child support and he went MIA that made things better for a little until last year when he showed up in child support court . When he showed up he told the judge he was a confidential police informant and that someone called in a favor for him. Then he got me arrested making false accusations that I had threatened to kill him. He has filed numerous petitions in family court as well for custody on the basis that I am mentally unfit . I need help.

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  1. It sounds like you could get an order of protection to try and keep him from harrassing you. However, him filing for custody is not a basis of harrassment. If he has filed enough times over small issues you may be able to ask the Court to tell him to stop. You will need a criminal lawyer for the arrest.

  2. If you are successful in proving the false allegations, you may be able to file a counsel fee application against him in Family Court, or sue him in civil court for abuse of process. I advise you to consult a criminal defense lawyer if the criminal charges are still pending. If you need assistance with the Family Court matter, then I highly suggest for you to call a NYC Child Custody/Support lawyer.

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  3. You definitely need a lawyer since the burden that the other person is lying will be yours to carry.

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