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Is there any probono lawyers will take my criminal case, i pled guilty to few felonies that i should not have based on facts?

Dearborn, MI |

i pled guilty to 3 bad checks even though one of them i already did replace in cash, and the second was post dated and the third the account was frozen, my previous lawyer he never looked into the facts of the case he even admitted to that in one of the motions to overturn the plea, the judge dismissed the motion but did not deny it, saying that i have to file an appeal first which i did but the court of appeal refused to look into, now my only options are is to file 2254 application with federal court which is due in december or the 6500 motion, i am all out of money, my life is ruined and i lost all my businesses and i ended up being deported to Egypt even though i was only on probations the check amount was less than 1000 dollars and i left behind my american wife and son,

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It sounds like you have exhausted your remedies unless your attorney did not advise you of the deportation consequences prior to your plea.


When you plead guilty the judge asks if you are acting freely and voluntarily, and you give up your constitutional rights. Since you had an attorney at your plea, it will be extremely difficult to have your plea set aside. Good Luck.


I'm not sure that there is a valid grounds for an appeal in your case and a pro bono appeals attorney is hard to come by. I have provided a link to the Detroit Bar Association, try contacting them to see if they know of anyone who could help you.

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Try contacting all the law schools in Michigan and ask them if they have a criminal defense clinic. I know that the University of Detroit Mercy has a criminal defense clinic. If a law school accepts your case, then a law student under the supervision of a law professor can handle your case on a pro bono basis.

This is general information and not legal advise. This communication does not create a lawyer-client relationship.

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