Is there any point of education if I'm illegal?

Asked over 1 year ago - San Mateo, CA

I'm currently in college earning my radiology degree. It's hard paying for school when financial aid is only for citizens and scholarships are such little money and I have to have money to pay a lawyer at the same time. With no job. So I was thinking about dropping out because that money could go to something else. Is it worth getting an education in this country if I won't be able to work? I feel like its such a set up for failure for immigrants. no social no job no car no license no money no point of an education equals failure. So much for the land of opportunities.

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  1. Carl Michael Shusterman


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    Answered . Not true. In California, you do not have to be legal to qualify for state scholarships.

    (213) 394-4554 x0 Mr. Shusterman is a former INS Trial Attorney (1976-82) with over 35 years of immigration... more
  2. Sean Patrick Lewis

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    Answered . I'm not really sure what your legal question is, but I'd be happy to help on a legal issue if you can help my understand the problem.

    The above is not intended to be legal advice, but may be used for general information. Please contact an attorney... more
  3. James Victor Kosnett


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    Answered . The laws affecting your situation are changing rapidly. And an education is always valuable, even in another country. So i wouldn't give up if I were you.

  4. Rixon Charles Rafter III

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    Answered . You are upset that the system is not better designed to accommodate the challenges illegals that correct? You don't see any irony in that perspective?

    One thing you might do is lighten your load a bit. Clear up your illegal status, while you work. then finish your education. May take a year or two longer, but it might be easier to bear.

    READ THIS BEFORE CALLING OR EMAILING ME: I am licensed to practice before the state and federal courts in Virginia.... more
  5. Geoffrey Alan Hoffman

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    Answered . An immigration attorney could advise you and review your circumstances to determine if you are eligible for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Goto

    Consult with an attorney who practices immigration law to see what, if any, options you have; you may have options you may not be aware of.

    No attorney-client relationship is created or implied by this communication. To contact this attorney see his... more
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