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Is there any kind of letter that my ex can sign and have a notary sign it stating that I give her money for our kids?

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My ex and I have been seperated since September 2012. She doesnt want to put me on child support so we came to an agreement that I will pay her rent each month on the 4th in the amount of $900.00 as support payment for our 2 kids. I just don't want later on if she does put me on child support that she doesn't go say I haven't given her any kinda support for out children. So I wanted to see what kind of letter I could get stating that Ive been given her $900 ever month since September of 2012.

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Your best protection will be to obtain a support order for the agreed amount. That way your ex-spouse can never claim the funds you pay are not for child support.



ok and how can i go about getting a support order?


I will pay your rent as child support signed on this date. Insert a verification page and a notary stamp


There are a couple of ways it can be done. A simple statement, notarized (you each keep an original) is easiest, but she can claim you didn't make the payments after you signed. Setting up a joint bank account that is titled "child support" where you make the deposits and she can withdraw can work, and show proof of exactly what you deposited. The best way is to have a child support order, so the state keeps the records and no one challenges them.

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