Is there any help out there for someone who has suffered soft tissue injuries but did not require hospitalization?

Asked over 2 years ago - San Diego, CA

The injury occured in a parking lot that was covered by a tarp that hid drepressions that casued my wife to fall. No accident report was filed or any waiver signed releasing liability. My wife was a volunter at a charity event. She sought medical treatment at an urgent care center, her primary care doctor and had to visit to an emergency room when increasing back pain made it difficult to stand, sit ore sleep. She has not received any compensation. We have lost our phone service becaused of the financial costs my injuries so we can not receive phone calls. Email is our only way to communicate.

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    Answered . It sounds like there may have been a defect/dangerous condition. You should certainly have your case properly evaluated by a local personal injury lawyer. You can contact one by email. Good luck.

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    Answered . If your wife still has complaints related to the fall she should make sure to get proper diagnostic testing to determine the extent of her injuries (i.e. lumbar MRI for possible disc bulge/herniation). Photos of the scene would be extremely helpful in proving your case. There are time deadlines for claims that must be met if there was a governmental agency at fault for the condition of the property so please consult an attorney ASAP.

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    Answered . There are hundreds of attorneys that will take the case. Use this AVVO website to look for folks that will give you a free consult to discuss the potential claims.

    Good luck!

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    Answered . Contact James Stepovich in San Diego. Good attorney who can explain your options and guide you through the processs.

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    Answered . You may want to e-mail an attorney requesting that he or she drive to your location since you can't use the telephone. More information is needed, but there may be a case. You should act quickly in requesting a consultation from an attorney.

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    Answered . It depends on your state's statutes, but in Connecticut, I represent clients in these cases on a regular basis. is a great place to find an attorney who can advise you properly.

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    Answered . The fact your wife was not hospitalized most certainly does not mean she can make a claim for injuries. She should document her injuries. Since the procedures and law vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction she should consult an attorney who should agree to handle case on a contingency fee basis. Good luck.

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