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Is there any heartless lawyers that can help me with my custody trial? I'm a low income person that only makes 7.25 an hour

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I need to find a low income lawyer for my custody trial soon. The father of my child has a lawyer and i can't afford one. Everyone that i call includes my dads income with I think its stupid cause this doesn't have to do with him. I work and pay him rent. I'm looking for free consultation, no retainer unless I can do payments.

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You may wish to try "legal aid services", which are non-profit organizations set up in different counties that work on family law cases for reduced fees or no fees depending on income.

However, you may also wish to avoid telling them you are looking for a "heartless lawyer." The offer to have them represent you may not be as hard to resist as you think.

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I agree - you certainly aren't going to get anywhere calling the very people you are asking for assistance "heartless." The reality is that we are businesspeople - we have a business to run and bills to pay like everyone else. When my assistant wants her paycheck, she doesn't want to hear, "But I can't pay you....I was doing all this pro bono work, and I didn't get paid. Don't you understand the social good I'm providing here? You should be honored to work for such a noble employer." Likewise, the government really doesn't want to hear about my service to society when they want their taxes paid. The phone company is the exact same way.

That said, you can certainly inquire with legal aid, but the truth is that most legal aid offices won't assist with family cases because their budgets are tight as well. Have you applied to have a court-appointed attorney provided? If your ex is attempting to remove your custody of your child, the court may agree to provide an attorney. You should look into it. You should also see if your father will assist you - it may be necessary if you wish to actually have a "heartless" attorney represent you.

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Mr. Beaulier and Mr. Corbin are certainly more versed in the laws of your state than I, and both offer very good advice about legal aid, which you should certainly check on. But in Georgia we have a special statute that relates to divorces that often requires one spouse to pay for the attroney of the other spouse if they can afford counsel but the other party can't. This is intended to level the playing field, since so many wives are homemakers or earn less than their husbands (though sometimes it is the wife who must cover the attroneys fees for the husband, when the roles are reversed!). You won't know if this is the case in your state unless you speak to some family law attorneys. If it's true in your state, they may not require any retainer or may only require a small retainer.
Good luck.

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Michael J Corbin

Michael J Corbin


We have such a provision here as well, but I don't believe this is a divorce situation - it appears to be an unmarried parents custody dispute.

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