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Is there any good district attorney's that handle dui's, but in my case, its a dui probation violation?????? thank you

Riverside, CA |

I'm from Riverside County area by the way.

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  1. I think you are confused. There are hundreds of District Attorneys throughout Riverside County that handle DUI cases. They all work for the District Attorney's office, PROSECUTING cases.

    What I think you mean, I hope, is a DEFENSE attorney. And yes, there are several. Call up a few for a consultation and go from there.

    Any information provided through in response to a question is not, and cannot be considered a formation of any Attorney-Client relationship. Questioner understands that the nature of this system allows only for a cursory review of case information, and more detailed information should not be divulged in this public forum. As such, Questioner is recommended to contact an Attorney in order to discuss the full details of their case and a more specific advisement of potential rights and liabilities.

  2. District Attorney's prosecute cases. You don't want a DA to handle your case, you want a Defense Attorney. There are lots of great attorneys. You need to call one and get a free consultation before you do anything. Don't go to court alone or at least don't go to court before you talk to an attorney.

  3. Every DUI case is unique. In order to fully answer your question we would require more information such as the case number and specifics about the violation of probation. For example - what caused you to violate - did you pick up a new case or did you fail to complete a requirement of probation. Our firm has a former Riverside District Attorney on staff to assist with this kind of case, however additional information regarding your case is required. Riverside can be a tough court but knowing the court and being a skilled negotiator can lead to a fair outcome in the case.

  4. District Attorneys are prosecutors. Defense attorneys represent individuals charged with crimes. There are several experienced defense attorneys in Riverside county. You should contact one and arrange a free consultation.

    SLG Criminal Law Group
    515 South Flower Street
    36th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90071

  5. The others have correctly answered/advised re "DAs." Presuming that you meant that you are looking for a "good" defense attorney to help you, there are many who are good, few of us who are great; if you need the latter, give us a shout.

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