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Is there any criminal defense attorneys willing to go pro bono or work for monthly rate with a reasonable down payment

San Antonio, TX |

Controlled substance charge with a firearm charge, not defendants property place they found. Defendant does not even live in San Antonio. Can someone hear me out to help defendant?

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  1. I practice in San Antonio, and I would be glad to meet with you for free. I can help you and I hope you give me a call.

    As a criminal defense attorney I take pride in providing high quality legal representation to people at all income levels. There once was an attorney (Johnny Cochran) who said that the color of justice is green. I find that heartbreaking. I do not believe that high quality legal representation should be reserved for people who can make large down payments.

    I like to meet with my clients and make sure that they are someone I want to represent. If they are someone I want to represent I will be flexible with payments. I find that this kind of attitude has allowed me to be proud of my law practice.

    If you come into see me, you will notice that everyone in my office will treat you with respect. During your free consultation we will discuss your options, talk about your goals, and formulate a strategy that can be achieved in accordance with your goals. If you do not decide to hire me, then you will leave with more information and probably a better understanding of what sort of person you want for your lawyer.

    I look forward to hearing from you. If your friend/family member cannot come in for an appointment I will be glad to speak with you or that person over the phone.

    Every person's legal situation is different. An on-line response is no substitute for sitting down and speaking with a lawyer in person. If the lawyer who put your son on deferred is still representing him he or she is the person most able to answer this question. You should speak to that person and follow their advice regarding this question.

  2. I am a defense attorney with 8 years experience. I will advise you and answer your questions for no charge. My firm charges reasonable rates and we do have payment plans available. Please give us a call.

  3. In what court is the case pending? I may be able to provide a referral if you have not already been able to arrange for counsel.

    Joshua Sabert Lowther, Esq.

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