Is there any attorney that handles online (Web) fraud cases. It also includes copyright of Google Checkout.

Sent $4000 to person that never shipped the car. Plus they copied exactly the Google checkout sight and called me and posed as a Google Checkout Representative and claimed to use DAS automotive transport. However when called or faxed to question of course no one answers, Is there any repercussion I can take at this point?

Naples, FL -

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Eugene P. Castagliuolo

Eugene P. Castagliuolo

Debt Settlement Attorney - Largo, FL

The facts you present sound pretty much like a case I handled a few years back. I sued the car seller successfully in Florida (he was somewhere out west). The Florida court had jurisdiction because it was an internet sale. Good luck!

If you think my response is the best response, it would help me if you would indicate that. Also, please note... more
Scott Richard Kaufman

Scott Richard Kaufman

Fraud Lawyer - Los Altos, CA

I would have said call the FBI, but at this point a call to Mr. Castuglio may be a better bet.

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