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Is there ANY attorney out there willing to help me with this medical malpractice case? I am running out of CRITICAL time!

Murfreesboro, TN |

I had a surgery to remove a kidney due to cancer on 7/9/10.During this surgery there was a clip pin left inside me.I was lied to by the surgeon&2 other Dr's that were called in to assist in an 2nd emergency 'exploratory' surgery,which they said must be done because they believed I had a bowel obstruction.After the 2nd surgery,they said there was nothing found.They released me saying all my symptoms were due to pneumonia!My symptoms were more like septic poisoning.I had a stomach swollen so bad it appeared as if I was 9 mths pregnant&ready to deliver,plus many other symptoms.There isnt enough room to lay this story out very well. But I have proof of all of this.I have records proving the item left inside&reports from the doc's that are VERY contradicting to one another.PLEASE,HELP ME!

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You need to speak with a local medical malpractice attorney. On you can find a local lawyer using the site's Find a Lawyer search feature. This site is for asking legal questions about what to do next. Sometimes the answers are simple, like telling someone to file a form. In your situation, the answer is to speak with an attorney personally. Good luck.

This advice being provided in no way represents the formation of a lawyer client relationship. This is advice only based on limited information. The advice seeker should seek an in-person meeting with a qualified attorney to discuss his or her issue.



Thank you for your response. There is only 1 problem, I have spoken with numerous attorney's locally. Unfortunately, for some reason, I always seem to get close to the same response from all of them...a letter saying, "We apologize, but at this time we can not accept your case. However, it does appear you have a very good case and we urge you to seek help with another attorney as soon as possible." I have not had very much luck with the local attorney's, for reasons unknown to me. And because my time, due to the laws, is running out! I literally only have a matter of days, I've recently reached out to the Senator and I plan to go to any/all media, politicians...whatever I have to do. I was hoping by posting on here that there may be someone out of state, that is licensed in TN also and willing to take my case. This case, if someone would just look at it close enough, it is an easy open/shut case. The doctors reports not only contradict themselves but each other as well. It's so easy to see all the lies and cover-ups, that even a junior high school kid can see through it all... It is an insult really, their pathetic attempt at trying to cover it up. I wouldn't even attempt this lawsuit, had the doctor been honest & upfront. But he wasn't, and now I have lifelong effects to live with & can't even be close to the mother I once was, and living, daily on heavy narcotics...which isn't much of a life. I need help, drastically & immediately. This would be a huge case, as it includes 3 doctors and the hospital itself. So, any attorney that decided to take this case on would get a huge pay-off! I can only hope the right one comes along and sees all of this and acts, swiftly. Again, thank you for your time & advice. Sincerely, Christina


Use Avvo's "find a lawyer" tool, and go down the list until you get representation.


If you are accurately reporting the facts, it doesn't seem like you should have difficulty getting an attorney to help you.



I am being very truthful and accurate with all the reported facts, given the limited characters, it has proven difficult to place them all on this site however. I can even scan the proof and send them to you..or even make an appointment & bring them to you. Would you be willing to take this case? I truly don't understand why no one has taken it yet. Many have come close, but ultimately, I get the same letter I spoke of earlier. I've started thinking it may be something to do with politics.. but I realize that just me being desperate in finding a reason. But, if you look at my file, you will see, it is plain as day about the mistake they made and the weak attempts trying to cover it up, so many contradictions and flat out lies that are easily seen, repeatedly. If you are willing, I am game.. Sincerely, Christina Stephens

David Ian Schoen

David Ian Schoen


Unfortunately, I am not licensed to practice in your state, but I would ask the next attorney who rejects your case after reviewing it for the reasons. Usually, an attorney will comply with this reasonable request.


There are many able attorneys here on AVVO, and the Nashville Bar Association has a referral service as well,

The foregoing is not legal advice nor is it in any manner whatsoever meant to create or impute an attorney/client relationship.

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