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Is there an incorrect way to write a violation code? (Is 462.862 the same as 46.2-862?) The wrong name was also listed.

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The Story, If You Care :This morning I received a reckless driving ticket, 84 in a 65. I came VERY close to hitting a stray dog on the interstate, and as any young college girl would do, I was extremely surprised and flustered, and the adrenaline must have been the reason i sped up - less than a couple miles after the incident I was pulled over. I had no idea i was going that fast until the officer told me. All i could think about was how the dog appeared out of thin air tens of feet from my car.

Situation: In the order of last, middle, first names, my first and middle names were switched. My first name is now my middle inital. Also, under "describe charge," my violation was written 462.862. I have only seen it anywhere else as 46.2-862. Are either of these mistakes on the officers part?

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  1. Virginia Code 46.2-862 is Reckless Driving-Speeding. 20 mph over the posted speed limit or any speed over 80 mph. Do not expect to prevail in court because the Virginia Uniform Summons lacks the dash and has the decimal in the incorrect location. Your licenese number and date of birth on the summons will be more than sufficient to post to your DMV driving record if convicted. It sounds like you have a defendable case. Recommend you seek local representation.

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