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Is there an attorney who hates dcf and will aggressively fight for my family in court?

Tampa, FL |

I just fired my attorney and need help immediately. My entire family has been destroyed. My kids should have never been sheltered and dcf lied to do so. I have unsupervised visitation yet have not seen my kids in 3 months because the father is not allowing it. Nothing positive is happened in my case. I need someone who cares and who can work with me on payments. I never signed a case plan but it is completed, this will probably have to go to trial. We need everyone to see were innocent. My entire family is split up in four different cities. Please help us!!!!!!

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    Get some free consultations with attorneys in your area. This is the type of thing that I love to fight. DCF frequently walks all over parents and it frequently a pleasure to represent parents who have done nothing wrong. It costs money though, we cannot work for free.

    R. Jason de Groot, Esq., 386-337-8239

  2. Although I'm not certain I would take your case, I would be willing to talk to you. DCF/ Hills Kids is frequently underhanded and wrong in Hillsborough County.

  3. You will need a very aggressive attorney to help you in dealing with DCF, especially if they have decided to terminate your parental rights.

    Unfortunately, typical hearings in Dependency cases may take hours. Many times there are case managers, or investigators who are not present, and so they must be re-scheduled. Then at the continuation of the hearing, most of the information that was previously testified about, has to be updated by the various DCF workers. So Dependency and TPR hearings can just go on for hours.

    Any attorney that takes that kind of case will have to invest at least forty hours into it, if not more. That is not even counting the waiting time when there are twenty hearings scheduled on the docket, and an attorney has to spend hours just waiting for the case to be called. Good luck finding someone who can help you.

    Albert Batista, Esq 9853 North Tamiami Trail, Suite 203 Naples, Florida 34108 Phone: 239-272-9327 Attorney Batista is located in Naples, Florida, and provides answers to these legal questions for educational and informational purposes only, and not as a substitute for an in-person meeting with an attorney. No attorney-client relationship is created by this generic legal answer.

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