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Is there an alternate means to the Smart Start/Interlock program to regain your full license?

Morgantown, WV |

I am a driver in WV and have had nothing but anxiety and headaches since having the Smart Start interlock installed. Constantly I am getting "abort tamper" and "abort hum" errors after only a few days with the device, even though it operated just fine the first several times I blew into it. The shop won't return my calls and the 800 number just keeps feeding me lines about moisture and how I'm "obviously trying to get around it." After 15-20 minutes I always finally get a pass (0.000 BAC) but not until AFTER getting "missed test" messages which can add time to my interlock/restricted license period. There must be a better way get through these 9 restricted months until I get my license back. It is causing severe anxiety and fear of even driving to and from work already.

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There is a device called the In-Hom device. Many of my clients have had more luck with it. Another alternativeis the SCRAM device but that's an ankle bracelet you have to wear continuously. It is also more expensive.

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Short of requesting a new device be installed to replace your old one, the only other avenue would be to seek a medical incapable status, which would require a letter from your doctor and a subsequent motion request to DMV. If approved however you then must go the max 6 months with zero driving, as opposed to just the 45 days you did. Bottom line: bite the bullet and soldier through it is best advice. Sincerely, Harley O. Wagner, Esq. -

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