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Is there a way to get public information on-line about a drunk driving summons for someone in Tucson AZ?

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I believe someone I know was not arrested but did received a summons in the mail for driving while intoxicated (over .2 BAC) after a car accident (no injuries, but the car was pretty banged up). I would like to get more information about the pending charges, summons, and follow the matter via on-line public records if it is possible and legal to do so from a reliable site or service.

If the original charges were for excessive speed, failure to show a license and failure to show proof of insurance and the case was docketed in Municipal Court, will it automatically get transferred to Superior Court if the charges are amended to include for DUI over .2 BAC, or can even that type of DUI be charged as a misdemeanor and be heard in MC instead of SC? Thanks!

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That is the court records so they should be up to date.
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If there was an issue summons than the clerk of courts will have a record of it. Additionally, most clerk of courts have a website with this type of online information.


The Arizona Supreme Court public access site is generally the best site for up to date court cases. As my collegues mentioned, some of the city/municipal courts have their own websites that you can research as well.
Good luck!


The Supreme Court website is usually updated quite regularly, so the information is likely up-to-date. However, the Supreme Court Public Access to Court Information website does not have information from the Pima County Justice Courts or Superior Court. So, if the person was cited for a misdemeanor in Justice Court or a felony in the the Pima County Superior Court, you would need to go to the websites for those courts to get any information on the case. An easy web search should direct you to the proper websites.

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