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Is there a way to get off probation earlier?

Norwalk, CT |

I was arrested in conneticut and was offered a program where if i stayed out of trouble for two years the cause would be thrown out. Is there a why to get off probabtion and have the case thrown out after a year?

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  1. With the limited information you provided it sounds like you applied for and was granted placement into the Accelerated Rehabilitation program. Participation in this diversionary program is a privilege not a right. The time frame within which you are required to stay out of trouble is set by the court after hearing the facts of the arrest as well as arguments made on your behalf by your attorney or yourself if you were unrepresented. Not everyone is given the opportunity to participate in the program so you should be thankful that the court gave you a chance to move ahead in life without a criminal record. There is an old saying that "pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered". The short answer to your question, therefore, is NO you cannot get off of your program probation early. The only time I have seen individuals released early from AR is if they intend to enlist in the armed forces and actually show up to court with their recruiter to confirm such enlistment. Otherwise, I would be grateful, if I were you, for the opportunity you have been given to have a clean record in life.

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