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Is there a way to get a DUI charge and a Marijuanna charge exspunged.

Atlanta, GA |

I pled guilty to both in 2007

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Under current law, once you plead guilty to a crime, it stays on your record forever unless you availed yourself of First Offender Act treatment at the time of the plea.
In the case of DUI, not even the First Offender Act can keep a conviction off of your record though.


No. Once convicted, always convicted. Sorry!

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Currently not under Ga law, however there is an expungment bill pending before the Ga legislature which may help some folks clean up their past records. Check back in the summer/fall and there may be some movement on this issue.


If you were convicted, or plead guilty, to the charges you cannot expunge them from your record. Georgia is one of the harshest states in the country when it comes to expungements. However, there is current legislation being considered that may change all of this.

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