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Is there a way to find out what a traffic ticket is for, by the citation number?

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  1. First step is to just call the clerk at the courthouse. If the phones are jammed (as they may well be), an attorney should be able to make a quick inquiry as to what you may owe. I would be hestitant to just show up, in case there is some pending warrant. Hopefully, it can all be resolved with money.

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  2. The reason for the ticket is specifically stated on the ticket you were given, and I am certain the officer who gave it to you informed you of the contents of the ticket as well. You can look it up yourself on the clerk's website: If you failed to pay the fine, you were likely sent a D6 - which means unless you do exactly what it says on that form in the time stated, your driver's license WILL be suspended. If you ignored the D6, and did not act within the time stated, you are driving around with a suspended license. Undoing this mess will require going to court and filing the appropriate motion and paying the required fees. Certainly you can try it yourself, but it would be easier to hire an attorney. Feel free to call me to discuss.

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  3. Yes you can look up the ticket on the traffic ticket website.

    the seach revealed

    Citation #: 9592GJJ State #: 132012TR0009592GJJ00
    Incident Date #: 10/26/2010 Related Misdemeanor Charges: NONE
    Case Type: INFRACTION Attorney of Record: NO ATTORNEY ON FILE
    Violation: *320.07(3)(B) - REGIST EXPIRED MORE THAN 6 MONTHS

    Plea Entered: Amount Due: $203.00*
    Disposition: Penalty Assessed: $145.00
    Disposition Date: Due Date: 12/10/2010
    Accident Indicator: NONE ON FILE Traffic School: N/A
    Speeding Detail: N/A

    Officer Name: NORBERT MELENDRES Officer ID Number: 4691
    Witness Name(s): Officer Municipality: MIAMI

    Next Court Day Information

    Hearing Type: NONE ON FILE Presiding Judge: TBD
    Date: NONE ON FILE Failed Status: FAILED TO PAY FINE
    Location: NONE ON FILE Floor: NONE ON FILE Court Room: NONE ON FILE

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  4. Either look it up on the Clerk's website for the county that you received it in or call the Clerk's office, wait on hold for 30 minutes, and ask them what the offense was. answers provided solely for informational purposes. Answers are not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. If you are seeking legal advice, contact a competent attorney in your local jurisdiction. Learn more about my practice at

  5. All of the above is correct. The best way to proceed now is to file a motion with the Court to lift the license suspension and remove the case from collections. This should serve to "reset" your ticket. An attorney can probably resolve this quicker than you can.

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