Is there a way that i could avoid having a " Failure to maintain lane/Improper Lane Change" ticket on my record?

Asked over 1 year ago - Smyrna, GA

When trying to make a right turn my tire blowing caused me to lose control of my vehicle, causing me to have an accident no other car was involved. no one was injured. so the office gave me a ticket for" Failure to maintain lane/Improper Lane Change" . Im trying to get into truck driving school and a moving violation makes it hard for me even get accepted. is there a way i can avoid it going on my record? i understand that by paying the ticket i am considered guilty as charged. but i dont mind paying for the ticket just want an option for it going on my driving record.

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  1. John Michael Phillips


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    Answered . A judge may cut you a break on that and there might be a traffic school option, depending on the county. Call a local traffic ticket lawyer. It's a little tougher in Georgia, but I've seen judges help that situation out.

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  2. Glen Edward Ashman


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    Answered . This is where lawyers can be worth every penny you pay them. On these facts, and it will vary by court, prosecutor and judge, some attorneys could win acquittal and many can come up with options where you'd plead to a non-reportable violation (like "rules of the road"), or get a deferred disposition that leads to dismissal. Sit down with a lawyer and determine a strategy. No one can promise you a win, but a good traffic lawyer may make a difference for you.

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  3. Fareesh S. Sarangi


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    Answered . If you have a good driving record we can almost definitely get you something that is a non-reportable charge. That way no points show up on your DDS profile.

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  4. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . Spend a couple hundred bucks for a local traffic court lawyer to fight it so you have a chance

  5. Lars A. Lundeen


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    Answered . This seems like an unusual charge when the cause of your lane change is a blown tire.

    I suggest you request a court hearing on the ticket and hire a ticket defense attorney to represent your interests. It will be money well spent.

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