Is there a time limit to reopen a bankruptcy case?

Asked over 1 year ago - Los Angeles, CA

If I reopen my case does the time it spends on my credit report start over?

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  1. Sandra Maria Nutt

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    Answered . No. Ten years from date of filing.

  2. Hermin A. Dowe

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    Answered . The bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 10 years from the date of filing even if you reopen the case. As for being allowed to reopen a case the judge has control and will make the decision as to whether to allow you to do so or not regardless of the time in which you are trying to reopen.

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  3. Michael J. Ireland

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    Answered . 1. There is no specific time limit to reopen a case. HOWEVER, you must convince the Judge that your delay in re-opening is justified AND not prejudicial to others. Therefore, the longer the delay, the stronger reason you should have for the delay. Remember too, that the court fee to reopen a case is over $250 and there is no refund if the Judge denies the motion either.

    2. The ten years on your credit report starts when you file the case and never changes even if you reopen the case.

    Good luck.

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  4. Diane L Gruber


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    Answered . No time limit BUT court won't re-open your BK without "good cause." You did not state the reason you want to re-open. Talk with your attorney before trying to re-open. You may just waste the re-opening fee, which here in the District of Oregon was $255 the last time I re-opened. Good luck.

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