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Is there a time limit on filling for custody of your child when the custoidal parent has moved out of state?

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my husband and i decided to volunteerly give my mother custody of our son due to cps and drugs in our system. On the night of june 19th she and my brother, who she was living with at the time decided to leave for florida. they have been living there ever since. I was allowed to talk to my son and webcam with he up til september 2, after my husband sent my brother and email. i havent talked or see my son since then. we are on a tight budget and are trying to save for a lawyer but i was wondering if there was a time limit in filling for custody.

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When you say you gave your mother custody, did you do this with a court order or was it an informal agreement?

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Attorney Hamayel's question goes to the heart of the issue. The answers are different depending upon the situation. However, I would note that Florida may well become the "home state" for custody issues after the child has resided there for six months, so in that sense, there is a deadline. Please contact an attorney and file the appropriate actions as soon as possible or you will likely loose the natural advantage you have as the parent of the child.

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