Is there a template that I can use for a Settlement Conference statement?

Asked over 3 years ago - Campbell, CA

Or a form? Do I just type it up on pleading paper?

Is there anything I have to be careful about when writing a Settlement Conference statement?


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  1. Frank Wei-Hong Chen

    Contributor Level 20


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    Answered . California Rules of Court, Rule 3.1380 (c), with regard to settlement conference statements, provides as follows:

    "No later than five court days before the initial date set for the settlement conference, each party must submit to the court and serve on each party a mandatory settlement conference statement containing:

    (1) A good faith settlement demand;

    (2) An itemization of economic and noneconomic damages by each plaintiff;

    (3) A good faith offer of settlement by each defendant; and

    (4) A statement identifying and discussing in detail all facts and law pertinent to the issues of liability and damages involved in the case as to that party.

    The settlement conference statement must comply with any additional requirement imposed by local rule."

    You should put the MSC Statement on pleading paper, with a case caption and case number on it.

  2. Richard Forrest Gould-Saltman

    Contributor Level 19

    Answered . You should check the local rules for your county, AND the notice/order informing you of the Settlement Conference. There may be a specific local form which you are required to use for some issues.

  3. Christopher Robert Carling

    Contributor Level 8

    Answered . The Santa Clara County Local Rules of Court sets forth the information that needs to be included in a Mandatory Settlement Conference Statement.

    The rules can be found here:

  4. Alan James Brinkmeier

    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . Each template is customized.

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