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Is there a statutes of limitations for the charge of felony fleeing and eluding in the state of ga

Douglasville, GA |

a family member has this charge but it is over a year old and the courts are just now charging him with it . it was a car crash that he left the scene of no one was hurt but his car was finish this is one of for traffic tickets he has now but its the most important cause of it been a felony. Could someone to point me in the right direction with statutes, the time he may get etc. plz and thank you

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The statute is four years.

This is a serious charge. Douglas County will treat it seriously and he will be looking at jail time.


The one year would be within the statute of limitations. Even the misdemeanor charge of leaving the scene has a two year statute of limitations. Confer with an attorney to help.


They have 4 years to initiate prosecution on a felony fleeing charge. Even if it were a misdemeanor, the statute of limitations is two years. They are well within the time limits for initiating prosecution. Felony fleeing carries a maximum 5 year sentence. Nobody can tell you how much time he if facing without knowing a great deal more about the case and his history. However, it is safe to say that, if this case is in Douglas County, he is looking at some substantial prison time. Douglas County is a tough sentencing circuit. Your family member needs experienced counsel representing him. If he cannot afford it, he needs to apply for a public defender.

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