Is there a statute of limitations on this?

Okay I need help with something. I need some help with False Light , but I need to know if there is a statute of limitations on this as well. So if you can, can you please answer the questions below, to the best of your knowledge? Is False Light A Tort? Is there a Statute of limitations on False Light? Do you have to reside in the same state as the plaintiff if false light does occur ? Is there anywhere else I can find more information on false light? Thank you for any help.

Houston, TX -

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Orsen E. Paxton III

Orsen E. Paxton III

Business Attorney - Arlington, TX

There is a SOL on every civil claim. It varies from state to state. I can only comment on Texas. Most tort claims have a 2 year SOL but there are exceptions. Most contract claims have a 4 year SOL but there are exceptions. Texas does not recognize the tort of False Light.

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