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Is there a statut of limitation on a homeowner sueing a contractor for not completing a project due to the homeowner not paying?

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I am a contractor that was working on a project for a homeownerm when the homeower disided they were not going to pay any more money until the projet was finished. They cancelled a check and I kept working for 2 weeks to hopefully make everything OK on the project. At that point they said they were not paying anymore until it was completed. I said that I would not work anymore until I was paid according to the contract. Now they are sueing me for what it cost them to have another contractor to come in and finish the project. Is there a limitation on them being able to do this?

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  1. Not enough details to answer. Consult with an attorney in person. It sounds like the homeowner wasn't happy about something.

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  2. The statute of limitations on a contract claim is 4 years. There may be other claims in play that are not clear from the information given. If you have been sued, you need to speak to an attorney immediately. It sounds like you have a claim for the remainder of the contract price, and you'll need to include that claim in the pending suit or likely lose it forever.

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