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Is there a statue of limitations to get your drivers license back after a drunk driving if you don't complete driver safety plan

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If a person gets a drunk driving and has their assessment but does not complete the requirements for the drivers safety plan, can they get a drivers license ever again? Is there any other options a person can take like petition the court for some other sort of punishment or amendment. Its been 2 years since the drunk driving conviction.

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The person will need to complete the requirements before becoming eligible to reinstate. They do not time out.

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The NCP revocation is indefinite. Not only can't a person get their license back until they have completed the driver's safety plan, if the assessment the plan was based on is more than a year old, it is no good anymore and needs to be repeated.

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Karyn T. Missimer

Karyn T. Missimer


Avvo has taken away the ability to agree with questions after a certain period of time. So, now I have to comment to say "I agree." I agree.


NO - You are going to be required to have another AODA assessment done and comply with that safety plan before you will get your driving privileges reinstated.

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