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Is there a statue of limitations on paying back a bounced check (for $12) after 15 years in S.C?

Leesburg, FL |

I just received an arrest warrant notification in the mail from the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Solicitor's Worthless Check Unit in Lexington, SC. It says I have until May 21st to pay the amount of the check ($12.13) plus collection charges ($121.00) to avoid being arrested. It says the check was written in 1997 to Wal-Mart and drawn on Fleet. Never heard from them or knew anything about this before.

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  1. You need to check with a S. Carolina lawyer, post with a S.C. address, but it sounds pretty suspicious to me.

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  2. I agree completely with Ms. Morcroft's response to your post. It likewise sounds very suspicious to me, but you need to seek SC legal advice. Change Leesburg, FL to Lexington, SC. Good luck and get advice before doing anything.

  3. Sounds like it might a scam. Generally, charges don't just go away by paying a small fee. Be wary when you get a request for money in exchange for a criminal charge. That being said, if this is NOT a scam, for such an old incident date on such a small amount of money, there is likely a statute of limitations issue, speak to an attorney.

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  4. This doesn't make sense to me. To play it safe, you should contact a local attorney in South Carolina to check it out for you. You don't want to get arrested when you go to the Spoletto Festival.

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