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Is there a statue of Limitations on filing criminal charges?

Chicago, IL |
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I just recently discovered my son's paternal grandmother and father has been physically abusing my 11 yr old son since he was at least 4. I discovered this in Therapy. I now have an emergency order of protection against them. I also have random photos and witnesses to the bruises.

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Please discuss this with the police in the location where the conduct took place. DP NOT discuss it online or with anyone else. Your grandson's privacy and dignity are important. You did a very good thing to get the OP. If you do not have an attorney, you might wish to consult with one to determine what other options (such as restricted to no visitation,) you may have.


Go to the police IMMEDIATELY. Do not dicuss this matter online since it involves a child.

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Yes. Illinois does have a statute of limitations for the bringing of criminal charges. Because what you have alluded to is physical abuse of a child (as opposed to sexual abuse), which would be a felony offense (a separate offense for each specific incident), the time limit is three years.

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